I'm Noah. I help promote and manage artists, educators, and businesses

    Social Media

    I've been using social media platforms for 15 years. I love helping people get their message out there. What's your brand? How can we put your best foot forward? These are just a few things i ask my clients

    Web Design

    I've always loved making and maintaining websites. I used to make them for fun, and now I make them so that they are part of integrated online media campaigns.


    Let me streamline your business day-today. I will order, negotiate, delegate and schedule so that you can spend more time on your skill and creativity. 


    Lead Content Strategist, co-founder 2016 - present

    Drinker's Edition is NOLA's premier happy hour search engine app. With over 400 food and drink deals to browse and filter through, you can find money saving deals all around New Orleans any day of the week. Check out what Eater had to say about the app here, or download now for Android or iOS.

    Wayfare Restaurant

    Manager, 2014-present

    I started working at Wayfare as a Server in the summer of 2014, before my senior year at Tulane. Not long after that i was helping the owner with a website renovation, as well as taking over their various channels of social media. Now as a manager, I contribute to the scheduling, inventory, delegation, and customer service that are all central to the operation.

    Account Manager, 2015 - present

    Enclave Media has provided me with a platform to pursue my freelance career, with the resources of organized backing. We may just be starting up, but the team at Enclave has already helped me learn and grow as a social media manager, web designer, and digital marketer.

    Tulane University


    As a philosophy student at Tulane, I did a concentration in cognitive science. Human thought, and the human condition have always been my favorite subjects to discuss. I bring the critical thinking and human nature know-how of cognitive science into my professional work. Of course, I did take some classes in computer science as well, but was mostly pursuing my digital media interests in my spare time as a freelance contractor. Some say marketing is a combination of psychology and creativity and as a lifelong artist, my studies of the human mind have given me a well rounded perspective on both.

    Nyack High School

    Student, 2007-2011

    I grew up in Nyack, New York, a suburb of New York city. In high school I began to find my interests as I studied AV media and goofed off on the internet. My time at NHS left me with a deep sense of what creativity is and what it needs to thrive.


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